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Forward Thinking

We yield fresh strategies to solve complex and unique tax accounting issues.

Accurate and Experienced

We possess skilled CPA tax accountants near NYC with extensive knowledge and experience


We’re committed to providing high-quality tax and accounting services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations

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Ahad&Co is a boutique CPA firm led by founder Ahad Ali, CPA. based in New York City and working with clients all across the US fulfilling their tax and accounting needs.
We offer premium tax and accounting services for individuals & businesses in New York and surrounding states. Our high-quality, personalized service is tailored to the needs of you and your business.

We’re trusted, highly rated, and devoted to delivering a 5-star service for our clients whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or The Bronx – it doesn’t matter, Ahad&Co, CPAs accountants are here for you.


Our clients benefit from our range of professional tax preparation and accounting services. We help individuals and businesses with more than just tax returns—we are business advisors with a proven track record of solving issues and growing businesses.


Individual Tax

We can help you with a hassle-free tax preparation.

Business Tax

We can help you achieve tax efficiency in your business.


Find the right bookkeeping and accounting services for you.

Startup Consulting

Seek the advice of a professional for incorporating your business.

Individual Tax Filing Services

At Ahad&Co, we specialize in helping you with tax planning amongst a host of other services.

As an individual, just calculating the total amount of taxes you owe is not enough. You need to be proactive in predicting tax consequences so you can prepare enough money prior to tax season.

We are dedicated year-round advisors who can put together a custom-fit solution for you. Everyone has individual needs and that’s why at Ahad&Co, dedication to helping clients succeed is vital. You can depend on our expertise with a certified public accountant on staff working with you one-on-one to provide the highest level of service. Learn more.

A Tax Firm Dedicated to Clients Needs

Day to day bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax preparation, and filing are all essential tasks whether you are a freelance/contractor or the director of a company – they are also tasks that most business owners would rather leave in the hands of the best accountants in NYC, that is, Ahad&Co.

Our tax accountants & accounting services are delivered by friendly & highly educated professionals who can help with all aspects of business accounting from new business tax structures to forward tax planning, estimated tax liabilities and calculations, sales tax planning, S-Corp, and C-Corp tax preparation and more!.

We provide fully remote tax services and a mobile app to save you time and money.

Our Online Client Portal Will Get You Started on a Stress-Free Experience

Areas of Expertise

Our core service expertise as a leading CPA & Tax Accounting Firm in NYC.



We help individuals such as those that are self-employed, own homes, have rental income, trade stocks or cryptocurrency or have even more complex matters


Preparing your own business tax return for the first time can be a frustrating experience if you don’t have all the necessary information.



Alongside general tax and accounting services in New York, we also provide business advisory services. We give you business strategies and solutions.


Bookkeepers are responsible for recording and classifying financial transactions. We fix employee tax information and calculate gross pay and net pay.


Financial Reporting Services is responsible for preparing various financial reports, auditing, tax returns, and assists in managing a variety of financial processes.


As an HR outsourcing, we manage responsibilities from the payroll tax to employee benefits. We focus on administrative work so you can focus on your business growth.



We have clients throughout New York and the Tri-State that depend on Ahad&Co’s exceptional reliability and dedication to tax solutions, from timely and well-organized bookkeeping with monthly financial statements & reconciliation to preparing and filing business and personal taxes.

Our well thought out tax solutions means we look at how you can run your business and financials in the most efficient way to minimize your tax liabilities in a fully compliant manner. As a full-service accounting firm in NY, our broad service coverage is perfect for small to mid-size businesses including food establishments, restaurants, lounges, busy professionals, stock and cryptocurrency traders, contractors, real estate investors, brokers and developers, and freelancers.


Important business decisions such as business acquisition, divesting, human resource consulting & budgets


We’re competitively priced without compromising on service quality.


A broad spectrum to provide accounting that reduces complexity in financial management and accountability


Exceptional reliability & dedication to account management

Your Business in safe Hands.

As experienced Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents, some of our team consists of members that have passed the Uniform CPA Exam and the IRS Exam for Enrolled Agents and meet the experience required to work as a CPA and EA in New York.

It’s our mission to provide high-quality solutions for all general accounting & tax-related matters from tax returns, tax planning, state taxes, federal taxes & more. No matter the type of business you operate from restaurants to leisure facilities, hotels to law firms. We cover a broad range of industries and provide integrated accounting that helps to reduce complexity in financial management and accountability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Ahad&Co help me with my books?

Yes, we can help take care of your personal or business books – our bookkeeping team can help sort pre-existing issues, we can help you plan ahead and keep your books in order.

Can Ahad&Co help me with my back taxes?

Yes, whether you have made a mistake with previous tax filings or have failed to file faxes we can help. It’s surprisingly common, especially for new budding entrepreneurs and busy business owners who innocently forget or are too caught up in other activities.

I already use an accounting software, can you still help?

Yes, whether you are using Intuit Quickbooks, SAGE, Freshbooks, or many other accounting software platforms we can help – we can assist will tax returns, software reconciliations, bank statement assessments, and expense management. We provide full-service coverage including accounting services for small businesses, sole traders, and self-employed, medium & corporate organizations.

What size businesses do you work with?

We generally work with small and medium sized businesses, mom and pop shops, franchises and more. If you are looking for a strong, reputable tax accountant, look no further. Let us help you manage your taxes and tax obligations today.

What fees can I expect to pay for services?

We are very reasonable but every client’s needs are different and before we can quote you we would like to understand your specific circumstance so we can provide you with a complete quote. You Can book a time to speak here to get an idea of fees.

Can Ahad&Co help with audit representation?

Yes, if you encounter any issues with the IRS or State Tax Agency in most cases we would be happy to represent you.

Do you help with Income Verification and CPA letters?

We offer full income verification – so, if you are looking to buy a property and are in the process of applying for or attempting to secure a mortgage, Ahad&Co can help with income verification – which is usually required for self-employed applicants.

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