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Do you need the help only experienced local Queens, New York accountants can provide? Ahad&Co can assist you with a range of personal and business accounting services including bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more. 

Our firm has a history in the Queens area that gives us a unique understanding of this borough and its challenges. We have helped many businesses in this borough with tax planning, income taxes, and other kinds of financial services.

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Our CPA Services in Queens, New York City

Our firm offers a comprehensive set of services in Queens. Our services are provided by our CPAs, professional accountants, and other team members. Altogether, our firm can provide you with comprehensive solutions created with the wisdom of years of experience. 

Below, you can find some detailed examples of the kind of services we offer in the area. Remember that this is not a complete list, and the best way to find out how we can assist is to contact us about your issue.

Individual Income Tax Services

Business Tax Preparation

Business taxes can be highly complex. Many businesses will have to manage the sales tax of thousands of transactions a day. The tax liabilities you face may also depend on how you choose to organize your corporate structure and cash flow. 

Your need for a professional tax accountant will only increase as your business in Queens becomes more successful. When your tax burden increases, our accountants can help lighten the load. They can support you with tax return preparation, financial statements, and other tax services.

Let our firm help you by filing your business taxes for you when tax season rolls around. Our firm can help you with every step of preparation and filing. This leaves you to focus on growth throughout the year. 

We have assisted many types of businesses with taxes, and we understand some of the special considerations of businesses like retail, real estate, and eCommerce. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how our team can help with preparation.

Tax Planning

Small Business Accounting

No two businesses in Queens have the same accounting needs. Our team can help you create custom solutions to track and report purchases for tax or planning purposes.

Our accounting team can put a variety of solutions into motion to help you manage your business and its transactions. Schedule a consultation to discuss how to set up:

  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Quickbooks
  • Cloud Based Accounting Solutions
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculations

Our firm can provide other solutions, including solutions customized for the unique needs of your business. 

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

If you have big plans for a business in Queens, our accountants can help you create a path to achieving them. Let us help provide the answers that you need to move forward with more assurance.

Ask us about how we can help your business prepare with

  • Start-up Business Planning
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Business Acquisition
  • Accounting Software Implementation

Looking for other types of accounting services? Our firm can also help you file your personal taxes. Learn more about how we can help you with personal taxes here. 

Clients We Serve in Queens

Our firm has worked in Queens for a long time, and that has given our accountants a lot of experience with the businesses that flourish here. We have experience delivering results for all of the following key industries:


Our accountants can help you overcome the challenges of managing a retail business in Queens. 

Many retail business owners struggle with the number of transactions that need to be tracked and reported to the state government and IRS. Our accountants can set up the systems you need, or improve the ones that you already use for ensuring tax compliance.

We can help retail businesses plan for their future in Queens, whether that future includes expansion, acquisitions, or any other major moves. Our firm assists retail stores and the wholesalers who keep them supplied. 


Real Estate

The Queens real estate market is highly active and competitive. Our accountants can help you make sense of it and handle the requirements that come with working in this highly regulated industry.

Let us help you handle real estate taxes, expansions, or reorganizations. We can also help you plan to acquire new units, and help you predict what costs and obligations may result. 

Food Service


eCommerce businesses can be started from anywhere, but many new owners choose Queens because of the great business climate. Lifestyle stores and other kinds of businesses can thrive based on an association with this world-famous borough.

In addition to business taxes and strategies, our Queens  CPA firm can assist you with your personal taxes. We may be able to help you with many other issues than those listed here.

To give us a better chance to understand your issue, contact us for a consultation. You can meet us at our Queens office for a free initial consultation, or an in-depth consultation where we can provide answers for specific issues.

eCommerce & Shopping

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Our CPA accounting firm In Queens is ready to assist you with your personal taxes or business needs. We offer a complete selection of accounting solutions to match your needs or plans for future expansion.

We have local Queens experience and an easily-accessible office location on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills.  Schedule a consultation at our Queens office to find out how we can best assist you. Contact us by phone or email if you’d like to ask some questions ahead of a consultation.

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