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Our CPAs serving Long Island are ready to help you with your biggest accounting challenges. We serve individuals with a complete set of tax preparation and filing services. If you have a business, our accounting firm can support you year-round with accounting services, bookkeeping, and consulting.

Learn what our tax accountants and other professionals can do for you by scheduling a free consultation. 

If you need urgent help with your accounting needs, you can also schedule a comprehensive consultation instead. During these consultations, our certified public accountants will meet with you and answer your questions over as many sessions as you need. 

CPA Long Island

CPA Services we Offer in Long Island

Our accountants can simplify your personal or business taxes. For individuals, we offer a complete set of tax preparation and tax return filing services. We can help you pay the lowest rate possible and ensure IRS compliance even when your income comes from many different sources.

Our accounting services for business owners in Long Island are far more comprehensive. We can assist you with every step of preparing your business taxes or implement solutions to make your accounting easier or more efficient.

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business advisory

Small Business Tax Preparation

Our business tax preparation services can save you time and money all year long. Let our team set up accounting processes and software so that you have always the information you need when it’s time to file.

We have worked with many small businesses in New York City, and we can take the work of preparing business taxes completely out of your hands. Let us handle the paperwork for you while you focus on the work that builds your business.

accounting solution

Small Business Accounting Solutions

If you aren’t sure what accounting solution works best for you, our CPAs may be able to develop one that’s a custom fit for your needs. As part of our professional services, we can help you implement a new general ledger or set up helpful tools such as QuickBooks. 

We have helped to set up the taxes for many kinds of small businesses on Long Island, and we know how to apply tax strategies to save you money. Ask us about how we can improve your financial reporting mechanisms, or provide other tax services for your business. 

Contact us to find out how we can help with new business tax structures, sales tax planning, s-corp/c-corp tax preparation, and much more. 

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Our business advisory services are designed to help you have the most assurance about your next big business decision. Our CPAs have advised businesses on Long Island about launching new ventures, adding new locations, and pursuing acquisitions. 

This is not a complete list of our client services. If you schedule a full consultation, we can collect more information about your needs and give you answers that are relevant to your types of business and industry.

Industries We’ve Worked in Around Long Island

Our team has worked with many of the busiest industries in the Long Island area. We have experience working with all of the following:

Franchise Businesses

Our team has worked with the operators of many of the largest franchises in the United States. Coffee, confectionery, and other franchises can benefit greatly from the number of people who come to Long Island every day to work.

Franchise businesses that are opened here can grow very quickly. Our accountants can help you manage growth or plan ahead so that you can scale as needed. Our planners can design around your specific needs or competition. 

We can tell you more about what we can offer franchise owners during a full consultation.

Franchise Businesses

Long Island Real Estate

Long Island has one of the most competitive real estate markets in the United States. It is home to many luxury homes and condos, including some historic mansions. The offices and other commercial spaces here (mostly occupied by the financial services industry), list at some of the highest prices in the nation.

Let our firm help if you want to enter the Long Island real estate market, or improve the value of one of your existing properties. We have years of experience supporting all kinds of property. Our CPA firm may be able to help you by—

  • Minimizing your tax liability
  • Optimizing your investments
  • Monitoring real estate codes
Long Island Real Estate


Retail and wholesale businesses can do very well in Long Island. Our accountants can help you save on taxes and modernize outdated practices that are slowing you down. We have helped many retail businesses in the area, including—

  • Auto dealerships
  • Convenience stores
  • Furniture stores

Our firm has supported businesses in many other industries. To find out if we have some local or industry experience we can apply to your obstacles, contact us for a consultation. 

Retail Wholesale

Do You Need CPA Services in Long Island?

Let us help you manage your personal income taxes or business in the Long Island area. Our accountants have worked with many different clients from this borough. We can apply our experience to help you achieve your goals, as well.

To find out if our firm is the right fit, you can schedule a completely free consultation. At this meeting, you’ll be able to meet some of our CPAs and get basic answers about how our services can support you.

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