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Work with a certified public accountant in the Bronx if you want to handle complex personal financial planning, taxes, or bookkeeping-related matters with confidence. All it takes is one free consultation with our Bronx CPA firm to find out if we’re the partner you need on your side.

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Meet Ahad&Co Bronx Accountants

Our Bronx, New York accountants call upon experience in many top industries to provide you with the best solutions to your accounting challenges. 

The record-setting growth that has occurred in the Bronx in just the last few years is one frequent source of concern for clients who need our professional services. We have a lot of experience with helping businesses like yours adapt. 

We can assist with taxes and provide you with steady support as you expand a Bronx business or implement streamlined systems for tracking and accounting. 

Bronx Accounting Services

Our complete selection of individual tax and business accounting services are available to our clients in the Bronx. Talk to our CPAs about needs such as—

Individual Income Tax Services

Individual Income Tax Services

Our Bronx accountants are tax professionals. They can help you handle personal income tax preparation and tax filing even in the most challenging of circumstances. 

 We have experience assisting high-net-worth taxpayers in NYC who need to manage tax situations across multiple states or nations. We have experience helping our clients manage foreign tax laws and multinational income.

 We can also help clients who are claiming uncommon types of income, such as rent payments. Talk to one of our tax accountants in a consultation to learn more.

Tax Planning

Business Tax Preparation

Preparing business taxes can be a full-time job. Most business owners will need to track sales tax every day. Even a small business in the retail or restaurant industry may have thousands of transactions a day. 

 That’s why it’s helpful to have a Bronx accounting team on your side. Let us manage your accounting throughout the year so that your business taxes can be filed correctly and on time. As part of our business services, we can handle payroll and other accounting needs.

 In addition to tax preparation services, our accountants can also help you handle all the major transitions that may be a part of your financial future, such as restructuring or corporate tax preparation.

Business Consulting

Business & Personal Tax Planning

Our tax planning services can ensure that you or your business achieve the lowest possible tax burden. We’ll analyze your situation and tax returns and develop a plan that takes advantage of the best structures and timing.

Schedule a meeting with one of our tax consultants to learn how much you may be able to save with comprehensive tax planning in New York City.

These are just a few of the ways that our team can assist you. You can find a complete list of our services here, and we’re also happy to answer any questions when you contact us. 

Clients We Serve in The Bronx

Ahad&Co is here to help you be part of the record-setting growth that is happening in the Bronx. We have helped clients in many crucial Bronx industries plan and achieve their goals. These are just some of the types of businesses we have supported:


 The Bronx is a major destination for shopping—from both national retail brands and renowned boutique brands and artisans. Our CPAs can help you set up, manage, and optimize the accounting of retail businesses.

 Let our team help you figure out how you should structure your business, what you need to file, or what path forward offers you the best possibilities. We can help you merge or acquire retail businesses, as well.  


Food Services

The crowds that move through the Bronx’s highly walkable shopping districts and attractions are a massive opportunity for aspiring restauranteurs. Our accountants have helped clients plan and manage eateries, including family businesses and the hottest franchises.

Our team has years of experience dealing with franchise operators. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an accountant with franchise experience. Our team has helped operators grow with many of the top pizza, coffee, and dessert franchises. 

Food Service

Real Estate

The Bronx real estate market is one of the most lively in the city, with neighborhoods that are popular with growing families and retirees. Our accountants can help you manage real estate businesses such as apartments and commercial properties.

We can also help individual clients understand the tax implications of properties that have greatly increased in value in a short amount of time. Our accountants can help your family determine the best plan or structure for managing these assets.

Our Bronx accountants have experience with many other industries. Contact us today to find out if we can match you to a CPA who has experience with your industry

 Real Estate

Why Choose a Local Bronx Accountant?

 Choosing a local Bronx accountant can help you take advantage of local expertise. There are small differences to working in any borough, and The Bronx in particular has experienced a significant amount of both opportunity and disruption.

 Our local Bronx accountants can help you understand what’s different about building a business here, what type of growth you can expect, and what kind of infrastructure you’ll need to file taxes properly.

 Call to arrange a consultation at our Bronx location. 

Do You Need CPA Services in The Bronx?

Our CPAs and support staff are here to help if you need Bronx accounting services. Whether you’re a taxpayer looking for preparation or a business that needs payroll services, we are ready to help. 

 Free consultations are available if you’d like to meet an accountant and discuss possibilities. You can also schedule an in-depth consultation for a deeper exploration of any financial or tax issues.

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