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Franchise Businesses

When you start in the franchise industry, it is critical that your franchise accounting is complete, timely, and accurate. Ahad&Co will not only familiarize you with your franchise but also inform you about the specific challenges and opportunities on your way.


The operational activity of a restaurant or hospital is quite overwhelming. You have a lot on your plate, from team management to bringing the best service. That’s why focusing on the financial and accounting section becomes difficult. That’s where Ahad&Co steps in to provide auditing, bookkeeping, and managing financial reports of your business.

Real Estate

The tax burden can be tremendous in the real estate sector. Ahad&Co helps real estate companies to minimize tax liability, optimize investments, monitor real-estate code and provide business advisory services. We, as a CPA firm, understand various tax ramifications of buying, owning, and selling rental property as an investment portfolio grows.


Ahad&Co understands the challenges of running an e-commerce business. We help you make accurate and informed decisions. While you focus on your business, we ensure you are on top of tax payments and filings by handling your payroll processing.


Ahad&Co helps your retail/wholesale business to stay ahead of the competition. Starting from auto dealerships, convenience stores, furniture wholesalers, and distributors to everything in between, we cover everything for your business.


Social media now holds the biggest capacity to create an impact. Thus, influencers play a crucial role in this regard. In making social media content, an influencer incur several expenses. Ahad&Co will save your expenses by providing bookkeeping, tax filing services, financial reporting, and cash .

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