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CPAs in Brooklyn, NYC

Face your biggest personal tax and business challenges with the help of an experienced certified public accountant in Brooklyn. Our accountants support individuals and small business owners with services that include tax preparation, bookkeeping, tax planning, and more.  

Book a consultation now to speak to a professional about your needs. You can get to know our firm in a free initial consultation. We’ll be able to answer questions about our full-service accounting firm and how we can help.

Brooklyn CPA

Meet the Brooklyn, New York Accountants at Ahad&Co

Ahad&Co is a CPA firm that offers tax, accounting, and advisory services to Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Our team assists both individuals and businesses in Brooklyn, and we can help you with issues ranging from corporate acquisitions to reporting foreign income taxes.

CPA Services in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the most economically active areas in the entire United States, but all of these opportunities can create challenges for your business. 

The more you grow, the more you’ll need to do to remain compliant with IRS rules and the law. Having an experienced accounting team on your side frees you to enjoy growth without stressing about the paperwork burdens. 

One of our Brooklyn CPAs can help you in many different ways, including 

Business Tax Services

Business Tax Services

Business taxes are complex, and the consequences for failing to complete the forms properly can be severe. Our team can help you properly predict your tax liability and provide other professional services to make your business taxes more manageable. 

Our CPAs understand business tax regulations and have helped hundreds of clients in Brooklyn avoid complications with the IRS. Let our CPAs help you prepare your business taxes or identify savings.  

Business Accounting service

Business Accounting Solutions

Our team can develop the custom accounting solutions you need to keep your business running at its best. Let our team provide the bookkeeping services that you need. We can also support your business with payroll services, financial planning, and tax return preparation.

We are experienced in implementing record-keeping and reporting processes using some of the latest cloud-based technology. Our team can help you set up QuickBooks and other solutions to improve the responsiveness of your business.

Let our CPAs make hour tracking and payroll one more thing you don’t need to worry about.

Business Consulting

Business Advisory Consulting

Planning your next move requires the best information. Our Brooklyn CPAs are here to help you predict what comes next with the latest data and research. We can warn you why and how different decisions might affect your bottom line. 

Let us provide you with the analysis you need to make your next step with confidence.

You can find a complete list of our accounting services here. All of our services are available to our clients in the Brooklyn area. For any questions, please contact us. 

Industries We Serve in Brooklyn

Our team assists clients across the city with accounting services. We often assist clients in the following common industries in Brooklyn:

Media Entertainment

Brooklyn is home to hundreds of popular influencers with name recognition all over the globe. The tax complications that come with being self-employed, working with sponsors, or accepting donations from around the world can be immense.

Our CPA team has experience with all of the business and tax factors you need to consider as an influencer. With our help, you can have confidence that you’re filing the correct information.

influencer tax service

eCommerce & Shopping

Many eCommerce stores are founded and headquartered in Brooklyn. This borough is one of the biggest destinations for startups, and our team has a lot of experience working with the challenges that these businesses face.

Let us help you manage and report the large number of transactions that often come with eCommerce shops. 

eCommerce & Shopping

Financial Services

Startups offering financial services are common in Brooklyn, particularly those that deal with financial education and cryptocurrencies. These businesses often have to perform more types of reporting than other industries. Our accountants can help you figure out where to start.

Our accountants have worked with many other types of businesses, including nonprofits, real estate developers, and independent professional

Financial Services

FAQs about Taxes in Brooklyn

Do you have tax questions? You should always speak to a tax professional if you have questions because the right answer may depend on your unique circumstances. The following answers to common tax questions in Brooklyn may help, but should not be considered tax advice:

Is Brooklyn considered New York City for tax purposes?

Yes, Brooklyn is considered part of New York City for tax purposes. You will be responsible for paying New York City taxes in addition to state and federal taxes.

What is Brooklyn’s city tax?

The Brooklyn city sales tax is 8.875%. This percentage includes the 4% sales tax that is imposed by New York state, as well as Brooklyn’s own 4.5% tax and 0.375% Special tax.

Are taxes cheaper in Brooklyn than in Manhattan?

The same business tax rate applies throughout the state. Manhattan has a comparable (though slightly higher at 8.95%) sales tax rate to Brooklyn. 


Due to the differences in the way properties are assessed in the two boroughs, property taxes are likely to be higher in Manhattan than in Brooklyn.

What are the benefits of an LLC in Brooklyn, New York?

The benefits of forming an LLC include limited liability protection, additional tax options, and overall simplicity. This structure may offer you some serious advantages if you are currently operating as a sole proprietorship or unincorporated business.

For in-depth answers about your personal or business tax situation, schedule a consultation with one of our CPAs. Our team would love to talk to you about all the ways we can help, from managing tax obligations to planning the next decade of growth.

Do You Need CPA Services in Brooklyn, NY?

Contact Ahad&Co if you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you grow. We have the experience to handle all of your business and personal tax needs in Brooklyn and recommend a roadmap for future success.


You can begin by scheduling a free consultation. This is your chance to get to know some of our team members and get some basic answers about how we can help. Schedule your appointment today!

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