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Contact Ahad&Co when you need to speak to a CPA about your personal or business tax needs in Manhattan, New York. Our firm offers a complete set of tax services including bookkeeping, payroll services, and professional tax services.

To find out how our firm can help you or your business, contact us today. Free consultations are available for you to meet our team and find out what we can offer in NYC. You can also schedule a full consultation to get answers about issues that need clarification right now. 

CPA Manhattan

Serving Manhattan with Accounting Services

Ahad&Co serves clients located in Manhattan. Our firm can help you with complex personal taxes, including personal taxes that are complicated by investments, real estate, or online income. Let us help you remain compliant with the IRS without effort.

Our firm offers an even more comprehensive set of services for businesses in Manhattan. For business owners, we handle taxes, financial planning, business valuation, and more. We can also help you implement QuickBooks and other applications that can help you with financial reporting.

We have helped clients in many of the key industries in Manhattan manage their taxes, set up efficient accounting processes, or plan their next big expansion.

CPA Services Offered in Manhattan

Here are just some of the ways we can help you

tax preparation

Individual Tax Preparation

Let our firm help you prepare tax returns in Manhattan regardless of how complicated your personal tax situation happens to be. 

Our team has assisted individuals with tax returns that involve many different kinds of income, including income from influencer media operations. Talk to a tax professional at our firm to  learn more.

Clients in Manhattan often need help properly reporting investment income, real estate income, and other income that results from opportunities in the area. Our CPAs can simplify the most complex taxes for you.

Our firm has experience assisting high-net-worth individuals with their unique tax needs. We have helped these clients plan for residency in more than one state, save taxes on home purchases, and manage foreign taxes.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Our CPAs are available in Manhattan to consult with you on whatever issue is facing your business. 

Maybe you are considering starting a new business in Manhattan and would like to understand your tax burden. Or, perhaps you are planning a new expansion soon, and you want to know how much potential there is for profit in the Manhattan market.

We’ll use research, projections, and our own experience to help you understand the possibilities of any business decision. To meet our accountants and find out if they’re a good fit for your needs, schedule your consultation today. 

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Get help with personal or business tax planning from our experienced CPAs. Our firm has assisted many start-ups in the area, and we have experience providing the professional services these clients need.

We have handled the tax needs of LLPs, C-corps, S-corps, and other structures that may need to produce different kinds of financial statements. 

Our personal tax planning services can help you remain prepared for changes in income tax law or your personal tax situation. Let us reduce the stress you feel to get your taxes right by taking over.

Business tax planning is an essential part of running a successful enterprise. Let our tax planners help you develop the best structures and practices for facing the future. 

Our accounting firm can assist with forward tax planning, estimated tax liabilities, and sales tax planning.

Types of Clients We Serve in Manhattan

We have assisted clients in many different industries in Manhattan. Below are some examples of the types of clients we have helped. Contact us if you’d like to know if our CPA team has the experience that can be applied to your industry.

Manhattan Real Estate

The Manhattan real estate market is known for its commercial spaces and luxury properties. No matter what type of property you own, our accountants can help you manage it efficiently. 

Let us make real estate ventures simple to track and grow. Our CPAs can make sure that you prepare your taxes correctly, and that you comply with all necessary tax rules.    

Manhattan Real Estate


Our firm supports franchises in and around the Manhattan area. Our clients include both restaurant and retail franchises, and we have implemented many custom solutions for them.

Let us help you overcome the challenges that come with franchise accounting. We have worked with franchise partners for years and know what to expect.

Franchises tax solution


Our accountants can help influencers and creators who make Manhattan their home. 

The personal taxes for influencers can be difficult to handle. Influencers often collect their income from multiple payment processors and platforms and need help organizing these streams so they can file taxes correctly.

Let us make managing those different income streams easy. Contact us to find out if we can match you to an accountant who has experience helping influencers pay taxes and organize their businesses.

Influencer_Creators tax solution

Do You Need CPA Services in Manhattan?

Our certified public accountant firm stands ready to help clients in Manhattan who need help with personal taxes or business accounting. We have worked in the area for a long time, and we can apply what we know about working in the Manhattan borough to the custom solutions we create for you. 

Begin your journey with our CPA firm by scheduling a free consultation. This no-pressure meeting will give us a chance to explain how our services can help you.

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