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Our firm provides in-depth tax planning, consulting, and accounting solutions for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and nonprofits.

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Our clients benefit from our range of professional tax preparation and accounting services.

Individual Tax

We can help you with a hassle-free tax preparation.

Business Tax

We can help you achieve tax efficiency in your business.


Find the right bookkeeping and accounting services for you.

Startup Consulting

Seek the advice of a professional for incorporating your business.

Exclusive Tax Accounting Firm in New York

Day-to-day bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax preparation and tax filing are critical tasks whether you are a freelancer/entrepreneur or a business director.

These are also tasks that most business owners would instead leave in the hands of New York’s top accountants, Ahad&Co.

Friendly and highly qualified professionals perform our accounting and accounting services.

We can help with all aspects of business accounting, from new business tax structures to forward tax planning, estimated tax liabilities and calculations, sales tax planning, S-Corp, C-Corp tax preparation and more.

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Tax accounting is more than just a number on a page; it affects your life fundamentally. Your financial and tax liability can become uncontrollable without constant vigilance. As your assets expand, so do your financial complexities.

The top-rated CPA firm at NYC Ahad&Co in New York is finding solutions that enable your assets to work for you, not against you.

Ahad&Co takes the time to fully understand your unique financial situation before coming up with plans, advice or solutions. No opportunity goes unturned when exploring the best tax-saving procedures.

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